Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes is a wonderful place to live. With affordable housing, excellent facilities and a young, family vibe, many young Londoners have already made the move to a better lifestyle in the heart of Buckinghamshire. As we built up our fridge repair business, we realised that expanding our service area to cover Maytag and Amana fridge repair in Milton Keynes would be a great opportunity.

With a lack of specialist American fridge repair experts in the area, we often get called out to Maytag repairs in Bletchley, Amana fridge repairs in Dunstable and Subzero fridge repairs in Newport Pagnell. We don’t mind at all, and enjoy getting out of London to work on Amana, Subzero and Maytag fridge repairs from Leighton Buzzard to Old Stratford and beyond.

If you’re looking for a professional service and true expertise, call DCC London for your Amana or Maytag fridge repair in Milton Keynes and beyond. We want to make our service as inclusive as possible, so even if you’re slightly outside our green area, please do give us a call for a chat, as we’ll often be able to help you too.