What Did People Do Before Fridges Were Invented

It is hard to imagine life without the fridge, and for those who need a repair, it’s easy to understand how inconvenient storing food without one can be.  Temporary solutions can include eating a lot of takeaways, buying canned goods or popping a carton of milk in a sink full of cold water. Before the […]

What Defines a Quality Refrigeration Repair Service

In these modern times, we have the privilege to be surrounded with technological innovations that would appeared as science fiction only a decade ago. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of household appliances and in particular, refrigeration and cold storage units. It is easy to take such devices for granted until they […]

Direct Climate Control Lauches New Website

Due to continued success and to ensure the best possible service to it’s clients Direct Climate Control decided to update it’s website. The site has a nice new clean look and a responsive design so you can find the contact details easily if you are accessing from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Rest assured that […]